This space was created with a focus on yoga, food and overall wellness. Though my journey down the holistic path began back in my teens, I realize the importance of this mindset now more than ever. As a young mother with a toddler + baby number 2 on the way, I see the value of a holistic approach to self-care, good nourishment and a child-like spirit in a whole new light. Here at Cartwheel Revival, I aspire to share these lifestyle habits and tips with you in the form of recipes and yoga practice. I practiced veganism for a 2 month stint just until my vitamin b supply was depleted, and soon after decided to stick to being an omnivore. Within my own household we strive to support local farmers as often as we are able, eat plenty of produce and healthy fats. This journey has proven to be quite the adventure! I want to encourage you to stay curious about where your food comes from and what resonates with your body. I am inspired by nature, the strength I find within myself, and the light that shines bright within you. 

When I'm not in the kitchen, you can find me here, at story-time, on my yoga mat or with my nose buried in a book about nutrition. I am eager to collaborate and work with others. Please send an email to lauren@cartwheelrevival for inquiries.